Visionary Paintings
In the summer of 2009 I attended a visionary painting workshop with Alex and Allyson Grey. It was the genesis for a body of work very close to my heart that I call the visionary series. After going into a meditative state I would begin to sketch without having conscious awareness of what would be coming out. I was surprised to see the birth of fish, birds and other creatures in landscapes that had a dreamy quality that were also making a statement about the state of the world we are living in. It anchored an awareness in me of the responsibilty we carry as stewards of this planet. I use the word steward because as far as I know at this time we are the only sentient beings who have the power to destroy this place we call home.
Fish Farm
All Rights Reserved by Artist Robin de Lavis C 2011

Arise and Be
acrylic on canvas 30x40" 2011
Flight to Home
GMO Tree
In Memory of Siobhan
Hook Line and Sinker
Mary Mary, It's QuiteScary,Why Does Your Garden Glow?
Out My Window One Night
Our Lady of Compassion
Sockeye Rejoice
To The Garden Wings Shelter Comes
Somethings Happenin' Here
Turtle Cry
What Climate Change?
Invasive Species